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Predavanje IJS
Prispeval Božo Bratina
Ponedeljek, 27 Julij 2015 11:02

Spoštovani člani DAS-a,

vabljeni na predavanje z naslovom Fault Diagnosis of Fuel Cells, ki ga bo predstavil prof. Cesare Pianese iz Univerze v Salernu, in sicer v sredo, 29.7.2015 ob 10.00 v seminarski sobi E2 na Institutu Jožef Stefan.

Spodaj si lahko preberete kratek povzetek predavanja in biografijo avtorja.

Lep pozdrav,
Božidar Bratina,
tajnik DAS-a



The recent advances in fuel cell technology have paved the way for a near future deployment of both Solid Oxide and PEM fuel cells for µ-CHP and automotive applications respectively. To guarantee the achievement of performance comparable to other energy conversion products improvements on diagnostic tools are required.

In the talk the model-based diagnosis for SOFC will be reviewed along with a description of models for SOFC stack and balance of plant. A fault tree analysis will be presented for the development of diagnostic algorithms for stack and system faults detection. The results of the project D-CODE will be summarised to outline the on-board EIS-based diagnosis of PEMFC.

Short Bio

Cesare Pianese is Full Professor of Energy Conversion Systems and Internal Combustion Engines at the University of Salerno. He’s Mechanical Engineer (1987), holds a Research Master in Fluid Mechanics form von Karman Institute (1991) and a Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Naples “Federico II” (1992). Was researcher at Fiat Research Centre (1987/88) and at Istituto Motori of the National Research Council (1991/92), he joined UNISA in 1992. Cesare Pianese he’s currently Vice-President (Deputy) of the Board of the School of Engineering, Chairman of the SAENA Section and member of the Coordination Group of the Board of N.ERGHY. He has a wide experience in private and public funded (FP7 and H2020). He’s involved in international research with academic institutions and has authored/co-authored more than 140 papers on Fuel Cells, engines, hybrid powertrain, fluid-dynamics, modelling, control and diagnosis.